The lines dividing high fashion and streetwear continue to be blurred, with working class influences consistently being introduced to the fashion world after previously being either pushed out or completely ignored. However the days of ‘Us vs Them’ appear to be disappearing, with up and coming brands such as A-COLD-WALL*, a British street-couture brand founded by designer Samuel Ross has deployed an ethos to the brand, with Ross telling GQ Magazine his brand is a ‘continuous representation of clashing worlds separated by class and environment’.

The new Fall/Winter 2015 collection from the brand explores and evokes images of exactly what Ross claimed, with British classics such as the overcoat being completely deconstructed and re-imagined, with split side and back seams and shortened sleeves matched with a worn-out and ‘lived-in’ effect make not only the coat but the whole collection a perfect depiction of the separation between upper and working class society.


The brand appears to focus quite frequently on bringing the two social spheres together in one item, displayed perfectly in their hoodie featuring Bauhaus artist Josef Albers ‘Four Stacking Tables’ design, a stereo-typically working class and urban item of clothing, being blurred with the sophistication and knowledge of the upper class society.

A-Cold-Wall* brings to the table a re-imagined outlook on the divide and tensions around today between different social classes, for more information or to shop and view the collection, check out

Author: Joe Fawcett | IG: joexfawcett



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