“SUPERNOVA is more than a clothing brand, it is a platform for us as creative people.” – Creative Director, Andrew Ogun.

Andrew Ogun (aged 17) is the Creative Director of a unisex clothing brand called ‘SUPERNOVA‘. Ogun states “the reason it was called SUPERNOVA is because a ‘supernova’ is an explosion between stars that outshines entire galaxies. We outshine all those around us, and that is why we picked that name. Our ethos is that ‘Energy Is Everything’ because we believe the energy you put into the Universe is reciprocated”. Andrew, from Newport in Wales, created the brand with school friend Anthony Soltvedt (aged 18) in January ’15 and while both the young designers are currently completing their A-Level exams, the duo have also put their energy into establishing ‘SUPERNOVA’ as a creative platform in the UK. Ogun himself envisions the future of the brand as a platform for all creative people to come together stating “SUPERNOVA is more than a clothing brand, it is a platform for us as creative people.”. While many young people often find the future a daunting prospect, Ogun aims to make a positive impact through his creativity in the years to come, stating “the aim is to have all types of creatives working under one platform to inspire and to make a positive change not just in our city, but globally“. It is this fearless determination and ambition to create that has layed the foundation of ‘SUPERNOVA’ as a brand and now with the likes of UK rapper Stormzy sporting their garments, Ogun has revealed that the Welsh duo plan to make further strides in music’ “We’d like to have an impact on the music world because we are passionate about music just as much as fashion and we want our music to be heard by the masses”. It is clear that SUPERNOVA’s work ethic and design ideas are rooted in futurism, forward thinking and a desire to push boundaries of creativity. These young creatives are well and truly, creating their own rules and for that, we salute them and wish them the best of luck.

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