Introducing Abondance Matanda, a young girl from London with all round creative tendencies, especially in the fields of writing and photography. Abondance has recently released one of her many creations, a handmade poetry book titled “DESTRUCTIVE DISRUPTIVE” which contains nine original poems bound between hand painted covers, encompossing creative writing, photography and art into one whole creation. Matanda’s “DESTRUCTIVE DISRUPTIVE” was created in the midst of revision and GCSE examinations, at what is a very stressful and defining point of time in a young persons life, while Abondance may still be “young” she demonstrates a great sense of maturity and freedom in her writing, showing that she has a firm grasp of who she seeks to reach through her work, when asked about her poems, the young writer said “they are based on my own observations and experiences of life, yet there is a sense of universality in my poetic exploration of social issues, relationships and power dynamics. I write in an unconventional mix of standard and colloquial English in order to reach and represent a range of people, specifically the underdogs and the unheard in society.” The exploration of these various subject matters flourish from poem to poem, in doing so, providing the reader with an insight into the mind of Abondance Matanda. Looking to the future, Abondance’s ultimate goal is to turn her passions into a sustainable and financially secure living with the release of each project, all while encouraging young people to find sensible ways to make money and spend their time. Abondance is currently selling her book of poems for £3 (GBP) so she can fund the production of future artistic projects. As a young creative it can be hard to get new projects up and running, with much needed supplies that can be somewhat costly when you are young and broke. Not discouraged by any costly restrictions, Matanda has been finding creative ways to show her art outside of a ‘gallery’ or a ‘stage’ by holding meet-up’s with friends and family who have purchased a version of the book. Now with plans to further sell her books at various art markets in London, the future awaits Abondance Matanda and I for one look forward to seeing what the young creative gifts the art world in years to come.

Abondance can be contacted on Instagram / Twitter (@abondance_).

You can now buy a copy of Abondance’s poetry book on 

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