Alex Ordonez is an 18 year old upcoming American designer from Hartford, Connecticut. Alex started out over a year ago, making Tupac Shakur inspired t-shirts, after he saw the buzz which they created, he went back to the drawing board to find new inspiration and now, after a short period of down time, Alex is ready to present his latest creation, it comes in the form of a cardigan, yes, a cardigan, inspired by one of the most influential artists of our time, Jean-Michel Basquiat. After reading how Basquiat spent a great deal of his time as a struggling Graffiti artist in a state of confusion, Alex took the words “Life Is Confusing At This Point” and went forward with this initial concept, then choosing the often under-looked ‘Cardigan’ as his next garment of choice. The young Ordonez is now about to graduate from School and in his own words “step into the real world”, now with bold plans to move alone to NYC to further connect the dots, it is to be recognized that Alex Ordonez is prepared to take risks, all while keeping a strong sense of being relatable to those who wear his garments. Check out the Cardigan below:


Above: Macy, wearing an Alex Ordonez Cardigan.

Models: @macysorrelle@DazMerchant & @Fuckdevonharvey

Shop the “Life Is Confusing At This Point” Cardigan now:

Twitter: @ItsAlexO_ | IG: ItsAlex.O


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