Founded in January 2014 ‘NASASEASONS‘ is a couture street-wear brand from a group of young French creatives based in Paris. The movement was created by Alexandre Daillance (Millinksy), Nima Asgari, Neil Saada, Hugo Lieber and Edward Newgat as a way to tap into the world of fashion, music, art and design.

The NASASEASONS movement consists of designers, rappers and producers, all of whom spend much of their time creating their own original art. NASA’s 18 year old designer Millinsky has spent much of 2015  travelling the world’s fashion industry capitals showcasing his latest line of garments, these showcases usually result in a ‘meet-up’ which sees a group of kids, usually young creatives, coming together to show support for a particular creator or brand.

Millinsky’s young brand has allowed him to create relationships with the likes of Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, both of whom spend a lot of their time in his home city of Paris working as West’s creative outfit, Donda. Taking a closer look at NASA, the ethos of the movement is to “push people to explore the infinite possibilities that their ideas hold in any way they see fit.”, they do this successfully through collectively combining their own skill sets under one creative umbrella.

The strategic approach that NASA has taken in the development of their clothing is to essentially bridge the gap between high fashion and street wear, they plan to achieve this by making garments of a high quality, all while keeping their collections affordable to the youth, Millinsky himself has even described of how NASA as a clothing brand is a combination of a ‘Givenchy’ mixed with a ‘Supreme’, essentially the best of both worlds.

Now with plans to collaborate more with notable trendsetters such as Ian Connnor (whom has previously modeled for NASA) and to seek placement in boutique clothing stores across the world, their is no end to the possibilities for where Millinsky and NASA can go in the coming years ahead.

Check out some of NASASEASONS pieces below:

NASA x I Came To Break Hearts Hat

NASA x Hat Detail

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Millinsky for, read the interview in full below:

Hey Millinsky, thank you for taking time to speak with me, can you tell the readers of SkiStylez a little bit about more about NASASEASONS, how did the movement start?

NASASEASONS is an artistic collective that started one year ago in Paris. I co-started this movement with friends from my highschool. We all had a desire to do something creatively productive during our free time and we felt like we could do something great if we could mix our ideas.

On the clothing side, what pieces are currently available? can we expect any new releases this year?

Currently we only have very few pieces available. The old hat [SHIT] worn by Ian Connor which was released in september 2014 and the new [I Came To Break Hearts] which was released few weeks ago. You can expect a lot coming! We are releasing our first collection this fall and we are doing two clothing collaborations with NYC people.

Since launching, what have you done to gain exposure and recognition for your brand?

I have an understanding of how to use social media and I create a nice aesthetic experience with Instagram & Twitter so that people can understand the NASASEASONS lifestyle through social media. In addition, I have also tried to get in touch with influential people to get support and notoriety in this industry.

Who or what do you consider as inspiration and can you explain why? 

My first inspiration is Virgil Abloh, he co-created BEEN TRILL and that was the most amazing experience of my life. He mixed fashion & music into something creatively amazing and fun. He does the same with Off-White/Flat-White now and that’s pretty cool. In addition, I love Raf Simons, he is the best designer currently, he understands how to make good clothes for young people and adults. He is the King.

You have a following of around 30,000 on social media, how does it feel to have so many kids following you for what you do?

It feels amazing. Just a year ago I would have love to have so many followers, and now that’s the case! unlike many successful kids I try to enjoy that each day and not be arrogant at all. It’s my duty to use my followers to help others. As a result, I decided to follow a lot of people to so that I can see what the Youth is doing to and I answer every single inbox someone sends me to give short advice and maybe talk about collaborations.

I see you have had ‘meet ups’ with other young creatives in NYC and London, where else do you want to go?

I would love to do a meet up in Paris actually hahaha. It’s my city but I didn’t do any meet up’s… Also one in Tokyo could be great.

Are their any artists you would like to see wear your clothes? also, are their any artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Theophilus London. Travis & Cudi are my favorite artists and Wiz has an amazing style & Theo already did so.

I see that you have worked with model / stylist, Ian Connor, how did you connect with him and do you plan to collaborate with him on any designs?

I am friends with the founders of Marché Noir, a French brand working closely with Ian, Uzi and Wiz. They introduced me to Ian during fashion week in October 2014 and then we met again in 2015 and we eventually decided to work together for a photoshoot. We might work with him on designs but nothing is 100% sure yet.

I read on another interview that your have connected with Kanye and Virgil, how did that happen?

Virgil goes to Paris a lot and he does a lot of events. I was fortunate to meet him several times in clubs and showroom. At some point we started talking more and more and he gave me some advice for nasaseasons and that’s how we built our relationship. Regarding Kanye, somebody working with him gave me his email as he believes Kanye could live the nasaseasons concept. Me and Kanye exchanged emails for a bit last year and I saw him in Paris this year. It was pretty cool.

As a native Parisian, you see more than I do but it feels like Paris has really been adopted by key players in American Hip Hop circles i.e Kanye, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, Mos Def, what are your thoughts on this? 

Yeah I was just talking to my friends about it. Paris is THE city for rap now. You can see everyone performing in clubs there pretty easily and met them as well. I saw Kid Cud, P Diddy & JAY Z chilling in the streets just in a year one meter from me.

Being from Paris, how has the city influenced your own style?

It didn’t influence much actually… Paris is not a good city for young people who like fashion, there’s more of an NYC spirit to inspire young people. Paris is just beautiful and nice when you are a bit older.

For someone that has never been to Paris, how would you describe the vibe of the city?

Calm and full of suprise.

Having established your brand at a young age, what have you learned so far?

It’s a great opportunity to create a company when you are young because you gain responsibilities and therefore you become more mature. You also get to work with older people and gain their respect which is really important for the future.

In terms of music, what can we expect from NASASEASONS?

We are currently collaborating with a rapper from Harlem and the song will be released in July. In addition we are working on couple of songs with our rapper [Apeshit].

Where do you see the movement in the long run?

That’s not clear… but that’s the cool part. For my friends and I, we want to keep NASASEASONS a creative platform for us to express ourselves. We can do anything with nasaseasons and that’s the magical part, our crew. Nevertheless I hope that our movement can turn into an well established clothing brand working with high hand collections.

What is the most underrated / overrated trend you have seen in recent years? 

Underrated : Raury’s movement

Overrated : No idea is all about emerging music and style, can you recommend any artists or brands that you like at the moment?

I really like rappers 28thcenturyman, HomeyHill and Cornelius +.

Okay to finish up, let’s talk general stuff outside of art, what’s the most random thing your into that people would be surprised by?

I love spongebob.

Thank you Millinsky, I wish you the best of luck in the future, what is the final messege you want to leave our readers?

Do something crazy with your life or you’ll regret it forever.

NASA x Hat Front

NASA x Ian Connor

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