House of Pharaohs is a 12 strong rap collective from London (UK) members include Nyshy Bandanna, AJ Young Soul, Danny Stern, Kevin Taylor, Sam Wise and Blaze. The group describe themselves as the new era of creative arts, with members that rap, sing, act, dance and design. The Pharaohs have used popular social media platforms such as Tumblr and Soundcloud to generate a buzz in London and across the Internet. Musically, the collective has effortlessly blended their wavy and eclectic raps with minimal and sporadic beats to create their own wave of Rap, showcasing the youthful energy of a Rae Sremmurd and the fashion forward characheristics of a A$AP Mob, not to draw comparisons but the Pharaohs, like A$AP in New York, represent what is so exciting about a a global city like London, where cultures mix and fuse to create new waves of youth culture spanning music, fashion and the creative arts. The young collective have steadily released a number of songs with accompanying videos including “Six Shots“, “Roll It Up” and their latest release “1.11” (Prod. By LSOW) with a video which sees the group mob out in various establishments including a supermarket, a casino and a hotel, as you will be able to see, the youth are definitely taking over, watch the visual directed by Alia Hassan for Allegorical. below:

Twitter: @OnlyTheHouse | IG: houseofpharaohs


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