Get to know RAY BLK, a talented singer/songwriter from London (UK), BLK’s first release, the 7 track “Havisham” EP has already gained her over 30,000 plays on her Soundcloud page, now with a series of London showcases under her belt and new music videos on the way, the future is definitely bright for this young London songbird. A number of industry insiders including GRM Daily’s Editor, CarolineSM have tipped the newcomer for great things going foward, while that may be a prediction, it is clear from the first listen of her debut release, RayBLK has delivered a solid body of work that has laid a strong foundation for future her projects, the EP effortlessly blends R&B vocals with trancending melancholy compositions, making for an enchanting listen. While the singer shines vocally, it is her lyrical content, rooted in story telling, that showcases her ability to express a sense of realism, displayed throughout the EP, on songs which drift between stories of ex’s, boyfriend drama and personal thoughts. Stream RAY BLK’s “Havisham” EP below:

Twitter: @RayBLK_ | IG: rayblk


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