WeAreTheFinest is a handcrafted jewelry company founded by Owner & Designer Nicholas Ryan Ingram the brand specializes in creating custom jewelry and accessories, not only does the brand offer the possibility to be able fully customize a unique and original design into an actual physical item but they also offer their own collections of custom pieces, releasing 2 collections since going into business last year. Nicky’s brand has effectively built a strong social media presence as a result of the public demand for his products across platforms such as Instagram. Check out various pieces from WeAreTheFinest below:

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A range of 18k yellow gold pieces from Nicky Finest’s 2nd collection.

After discovering Nicky via his Instagram page, I was delighted that he agreed to an interview for SkiStylez.com, in the exchange, I learned much about his brand, his inspirations, where he wants to take the brand and his plans for the future. Read the Q/A below:

SS: Name, Age & Location?
NF: Nicky Finest – 26 – born and raised in Boise, Idaho.
SS: When did start your brand?
NF: The brand was designed in the Winter of 2013, and launched the first week of January 2014.

SS: What inspired you to launch a custom jewelry line?

NF: I wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the jewelry being designed by street wear and high-fashion brands. I saw too much of the same taste, styles and techniques being used over and over. I wanted to experiment and see what I could come up with. I’ve taken plenty of classes focusing on architecture, design, and art at Capital High School here in Boise, so creating was nothing new to me.

SS: What are the current pieces you offer?

NF: We are currently offering a blend of both my 1st and 2nd Collections I designed through my website WeAreTheFinest.com – The reason for continuing to offer pieces from last year is that people are still demanding for the pieces from the 1st Collection and I want them to have the piece they desire the most from my designs. Our essential pieces offer a few different renditions, that include a Jesus Piece, Guardian Angel, Pharaoh, Saber-Tooth Tiger, Buddha, Medusa and Dog Tags. We also offer a stackable band ring & coin pouches. All products were plated by the same company and everything was created to match each other.

SS: How has the response been to your products?

NF: The initial response was pretty eye opening. I’ve had 14 different jobs since I began High School, and within 3 months of promoting my Instagram account I was making more money than I ever had in my life. My new & repeat clients have fueled the movement and I can’t thank everyone enough for showing so much love for the chains. It’s allowed me to travel for a year straight. I’ve made friends in every city and met a lot of gorgeous women.

SS: Since launching your brand, how hard has it been to get recognised?

NF: It hasn’t been too hard, but then again I don’t offer any of my products in stores, so that’s never an easy task to maintain. Everything was sold through word of mouth, or people tagging other people through Instagram. I’ve gotten recognition through Instagram DM’s from people that I personally look up to in the Fashion Industry, and that’s the only opinion that matters to me.

SS: Is their any artists you would like to see wear your products?

NF: Man that’s a tough question. Jewelry has no boundaries which is why I love it. I would love to design a custom piece for John Galliano or Raf Simons. As far as a music artist I would have to say David Ruffin – Jimi Hendrix – or Michael Jackson if they were still alive. I’m determined to get some stuff designed for actors to wear in movies as a stand-out / significant piece. If I could have designed pieces for the entire cast of Goodfellas to wear during filming it would’ve been legendary! So I’m most determined to somehow get something placed in an upcoming gangster film, horror film or pop culture movie.

SS: In the coming years, where do you want to take the brand?

NF: My biggest challenge is progression and continuing to experiment with materials. I travel a lot, but I still manage to bring all my jewelry with me wherever I go. I’m hoping to continue to be able to set up appointments in major cities and showcase/ sell the jewelry in person to my clients which has been the most rewarding for me. Right now I’m phasing out of bulk overseas manufacturing, and into exclusive pieces in much lower quantities. In the coming years, I’d like to create precious metal pieces and set precious stones into them. The end goal is to feature the pieces into high fashion stores and boutiques such as Colette, Barneys, even Selfridges.

SS: What are your own plans for the future?

NF: My plan is to study and learn as much as I can. I’ve primarily created Menswear jewelry, but I’d like to designs some pieces for women as well. I’ve already had a lot of cool opportunities thrown at me to design pieces but was asked by the companies to remain silent about them. I’d like to collaborate with some of my favorite brands or designers. Maison Margiela currently holds the title for my favorite jewelry & moving forward I’d like to remain edgy in a similar way.

SS: Nicky, thank you.

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Nicky sporting his handcrafted chains.

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Pieces from WeAreTheFinest’s “Ring Collection”.

Shop Nicky Finest’s handcrafted jewelry collection now: WeAreTheFinest.com

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