Introducing Xavier Wulf an American rapper from East Memphis, Tennessee, US. The artist formerly known as Ethlewulf was once a member of the rap collective Raider Klan before leaving the outfit to focus on his own music in 2012. Wulf has spent the last few years building his name in underground Hip Hop circles across the United States, primarily through dropping a string of solid mixtapes and exhilarating live performances. Now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Xavier continues to elevate his burgeoning rap career, he has even formed his own outfit The Hollow Squad and has been in the studio frequently collaborating with other notable rappers on the come up, one of these rappers is Bones, who can be heard on A$AP Rocky‘s sophomore album ‘A.L.L.A‘. Wulf has recently dropped his latest mixtape, the 10 track Project X, while the tape is limited to just one featured artist; Master Flesh Yen, the body of production comes from a wide selection of producers: Dave Marino, KurtisBased, Ftureable, Brobak, Digital Nas, Midlow and Mr Sisco. Sonically, Project X feels melancholy in mood, with its punchy and exuberant rap instrumentals blended with obscure movie samples, translucent soundscapes and lyrically forward melodic delivery. After an initial observation and first listen of Wulf’s music, it becomes all too clear that Xavier Wulf is more of than your just average rapper, his Anime-themed artwork and polarizing song titles (e.g. The Wulf of Akina) reflect an artistically forward thinking music maker, not content with making music just to get ‘turnt’ to but an artist that wants to create music for every mood and emotion. Take a listen to ‘Project X’ below:

House Of Blues 12/3 (Shot by Jesus of Team SESH)

House Of Blues 12/3 (Shot by Jesus)



Twitter: @XavierWulf IG: XavierWulf


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